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Facial Treatments In Melbourne

At Regenerer, we offer effective facial treatments in Moorabbin. Your skin will be analysed by our well-trained aestheticians at our cosy salon in Melbourne. We will go through which facial treatments will best suit your requirements, based on the condition of your skin and your skin type.

Having regular facials is one of the best ways to maintain beautiful, rejuvenated skin. Our clients find facial treatments at our Moorabbin clinic to be extremely relaxing, stress-relieving and invigorating.

Getting a facial treatment at Regenerer is a great way to take care of your skin, especially when performed by a well-trained and experienced beauty therapist. A facial allows for cleansing, nourishing and exfoliating, while also encouraging well-hydrated, clearer and younger-looking skin.

Facials at Regenerer in Moorabbin can help keep your skin healthy by:

  • Allowing your skin to breathe by opening your pores
  • Removing dead skin cells to reduce outbreaks and whiteheads
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Deeply cleansing your skin
  • Carefully cleansing the outer layer of your skin to keep it soft and smooth
  • Ensuring your skin is hydrated
  • Helping your skin look bright and firm

We offer a range of high-quality facial treatments in Melbourne that provide intense cleansing, purifying and correcting effects for glowing and radiant skin. We offer invigorating and rejuvenating facial treatments in the cozy surrounds of our Moorabbin clinic.

Express Facial – 30 minute facial
A perfect “pick-me-up” treatment for those that don’t have complex skin concerns, who require a quick skin treatment or for general maintenance. We will cleanse, exfoliate and apply a treatment mask to suit your skin condition and concerns. This treatment will freshen, hydrate and restore the skin in a quick 30 minute session.

Enzymatic Peel – 30-minute facial
The pumpkin peel is our signature facial treatment. It combines toning, cleansing, exfoliation, essential oil massage or a customised mask. We will also choose specific products that best suit your skin’s unique needs.

Premium Facial – 60-minute facial
We offer a traditional prescriptive facial using products for your skin type that will balance and nourish your skin. The infusion of active serums will leave your skin feeling soothed, refined and rejuvenated.

Men’s Skin Care – 60-minute facial and massage
This treatment starts with a deep cleansing followed by a soothing exfoliation and extraction. We will reduce your tension with a skilled hand or scalp massage while we rehydrate your skin with a customised treatment mask.

Advanced Performance Facial – 90-minute facial
This treatment delivers instant results using concentrates and specialised masks of rich minerals, while also using gentle dermabrasion. This treatment leaves your skin refreshed and glowing.

Advanced Resurfacing Treatment – 90 minute facial
This treatment is recommended for sun damage, pigmentation, acne scarring and the first signs of aging. The Advanced Resurfacing treatment includes a combination of glycolic peel and microexfoliation. Resurfacing helps treat and prevent pigmentation caused by the sun and aging, while maintaining optimal balance. It is recommended to be assessed by our dermal clinician before booking this treatment.

Diamond Microdermabrasion
This treatment is effective on all types of skin, which will be glowing, revitalised and more youthful-looking after each session. Hydro dermabrasion can help with rehydrating and replenishing skin; treating skin damaged by the sun; removing congestion; softening fine lines; reducing large pores; revitalising dull skin; treating age spots and hyperpigmentation and reducing the appearance of acne scars. Fortnightly or monthly treatment sessions are recommended for best results.