Get Smooth, Hairless Skin in No Time with Waxing in St Kilda

When you think head to toe beauty treatments and solutions, think Regenerer. We take care of every beauty-related aspect, from the simple grooming procedures like waxing, facials & peels, eyebrow & eyelash tinting to fairly elaborate anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, IPL hair reduction, plasma rich platelet, skin needling, radio frequency face lift and the like. We combine years of experience and a desire to see you look your best. Come to us for service like no other.

At Regenerer, we have a highly streamlined approach towards style and beauty. We work towards the complete picture, from hairstyles to cosmetics and accessories too. We have a host of fantastic hair, skin, makeup, and spa treatments lined up for you, and are well-equipped to suit your needs. Our team of stylists and artists is tremendously talented, has years of experience and are selected through a rigorous process, thus ensuring that you are in good hands. We use nothing but the very best products and aim for one hundred percent satisfaction. These methods have helped us cement our position as the best skin and beauty clinic for waxing in St. Kilda and much more.

What Is Waxing?

Waxing is a temporary treatment for hair removal which is very safe, quick and effective. There is, however, a stigma involved with waxing, so it is important to know that waxing does not cause hair to become thicker, or make it grow back faster. In fact, regular waxing could reduce the diameter as well as the density of hair growth with time. Waxing can be done anywhere other than the head area or the beard.

Regener’s expert workforce recommends and uses only the top products in the market for each waxing service in St. Kilda, so as to avoid any side effects.

The Waxing Process

First, wax is spread on the body, along the direction of hair growth. Next cotton wax strips are placed over the hot wax, and removed with a single swift action in the opposite direction. This temporarily removes hair follicles without causing any harm or lasting damage to the skin. The area will remain hairless for around four to six weeks, for the most part.

The Perks of Waxing

Waxing treatments are really quick. You can head over to our clinic for waxing in St. Kilda anytime, and step out in fifteen to twenty minutes. It is worth noting that your first visit could take a little longer, around an hour. Shaving is quite an uncomfortable process, not to mention the fact that the effects are not long-standing. On the other hand, there are plenty of waxes which are hypo-allergenic and also really good for your sensitive skin. With time, the hair grows back smaller too; so waxing is a win in every way.

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