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Welcome to Regenerer, the best waxing services provider in Brighton. We offer a whole range of waxing procedures. We offer all the conventional waxing services along with intimate waxing for both women and men. At Regenerer, we provide high-quality services and an amazing ambiance for our clients who would easily unwind and feel super comfortable here. We specialize in intimate waxing services, as well as, the usual types of wax.

We offer the best, pain-free and the most affordable waxing in Brighton. Come to us for a fantastic waxing experience that would leave your skin looking smooth, soft, silky and radiant. Waxing helps to exfoliate and that is why the dead skin cells are actually removed leaving a glowing, refreshed and replenished skin. Now you could easily get rid of the undesirable fuzz from your chin, upper lips or lower lips to get a super-smooth and radiant facial skin.

Some Amazing Benefits of Waxing 

Facial Waxing Is the Way to go

Facial waxing is certainly one of the fastest ways of getting a hair-free, smooth and radiant skin that looks great and feels great too. Facial waxing results would last for about three to five weeks.

You do not need to worry about any redness post the waxing process. Our expert and experienced waxing artists know their job well and are well-equipped to come up with the perfect solution so that there is no redness to let the world know.

Transforming Brows

You could redefine or shape your eyebrows to complement your face or to accentuate your beautiful eyes or other features. We help you get the right shape for your eyebrows to enhance your overall look. We give you a well-groomed appearance thanks to the expertise, skill and creativity of our waxing artist. In this context, you must know that we are really proud of our team that comprises certified and highly experienced aestheticians.

Brazilian Waxing: The Success Story

Brazilian waxing is actually the elimination of all pubic hair from your pelvic region, labia, vulva, anus and the perineum. Often a crazy strip of pubic hair is left behind to look sexy in a thong bikini. Brazilian waxing is just like a creative work of art. Regenerer provides top grade waxing services for ultimate satisfaction. Our waxing therapists are known for providing brilliant waxing services.

Hygiene Is of Utmost Importance

We believe in a truly hygienic and healthy environment. We not only provide affordable waxing services, we provide the most hygienic and the safest waxing solutions in Brighton.  We do not use any kind of harsh chemicals and we perform the procedure in a neat and clean environment.

Waxing Results in Reduced Hair growth

With every waxing session, you would notice weaker and finer hair follicles. Come to Regenerer for the finest waxing in Brighton.

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