Nicky Tzimas

Owner and founder of Regenerer Medical Cosmetics, Nicky has been caring for people’s skin and overall wellbeing for over 25 years. As an early advocate of safe and ethical practice in the cosmetic industry, she opened the Cosmetic Professional Development Institute of Australia in 2011. In the years since, over 3000 doctors and nurse practitioners from across Australia have come to CPD to skill up on cutting-edge skin science, treatments and care. Nicky is at the forefront of education in the area of cosmetic injectables and is continually lifting the standard for non-surgical cosmetic solutions and injectables. “it is about understanding the individuality of each patient, and empowering them through holistic care”.


A Nurse who trained with CPD Institute of Australia. Zoe strives to achieve a conservatively refreshed look for her clients, with a combination of ‘fast-acting’ treatments alongside ‘slow-release results’ using a suite of gold standard treatments in anti-aging. Zoe specializes in anti-wrinkle and facial harmonising treatments. She believes in old-world simplicity & luxury, and enjoys curating cosmetic enhancements tailored to each of her clients. “As we tailor a client’s treatment plan, I believe it is crucial to educate and inform that client as we go through the decision-making process together”.


As a nurse trained at CPD Institute of Australia, Eliza has an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the skin. With this knowledge she employs a holistic approach to anti-aging treatments, with a focus on detailed and tailored treatment plans to assist her clients in achieving their desired aesthetic outcome.

Eliza’s clinical experience has sparked a passion for preventative and holistic health interventions within aesthetic practice. She specialises in skin health and endeavours to educate her clients every step of the way to ensure they possess the same knowledge and passion for their skin as she has. 


Sienna is a Registered Nurse who trained at the CPD Institute of Australia, with an extensive background in perioperative nursing. Sienna’s experience as a scrub scout nurse has fostered her knowledge of anatomy, enabling her to approach aesthetic procedures with a deep understanding of the underlying structures and how they contribute to natural-looking enhancement.

With a keen eye for detail, Sienna is driven by her passion to ensure every client feels confident and empowered. Sienna is dedicated to creating genuine connections and tailoring care to meet the unique goals of each individual, offering a supportive and personalised experience.



Michelle is a highly experienced Cosmetic Registered Nurse with a Post Graduate degree in Perioperative Nursing, Certification in Immunisation Nursing and Advanced Cosmetic Practitioner Certification. She started her nursing career in 1999 at Royal North Shore Sydney and later worked at The Alfred in Melbourne, specialising in road trauma and theatres.

Throughout her career, Michelle has held roles as a theatre educator and in management at The Avenue theatres in Windsor, working closely with Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons.
She has also owned her own successful cosmetic injectables business.
Currently pursuing a Cert 4 in education, she is passionate about teaching facial assessments and the importance of personalised cosmetic treatments at CPD Institute of Australia and Regenerer Medical Cosmetics. Michelle is a dedicated professional with a wealth of knowledge in the field of cosmetic nursing.

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